Noble Grand Humbug : Ken “T-Rex” Trexler  530-682-0068

1st Vice Humbug: Jason “Chopper” Socey  530-329-6463

2nd Vice Humbug: Dan “Tool” Rehms  530-923-9046

Hangman: Steve “Herb” Steele  530-218-6335

Recorder: Shelby “Hawaiian Punch” Stewart  530-740-3617

Gold Dust Receiver: Allan “Kool Aid” Burgett  530-237-6051

Hawker: John “Z-Animal” Coyle  530-632-6421

DFDK: Will “Squa.Bus” Hinde  530-933-5666

Livations: Miles “Butterfly” Jenson  530-329-1835

Parade Master: Steve “Herb” Steele  530-218-6335

Grand Noble Musician: Delbert “TuTu” Alexander  530-813-8519


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