Fred "Hillbilly" Somner
Jay "Stinky" Baily
02/24/1965 - 07/27/2020
Chris "Scout" Knittle
Mike "Butkus" Dewberry
Mary "Mama Rusty" Dolan
09/20/1958 - 09/20/2018
Roberta "Miss Burta" Gafford
06/10/1967 - 04/29/2020
Cathy Baily
02/03/1971 - 07/23/2020
Phil "Filth Phil" Holman
10-20-78 - 11-08-2000
Scott "Sprinkler" Higgins
1959 - 2021
Garrett Mello
Greg "Cheshire" Freer
06-06-1968 - 05-20-2022
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Questions, comments
Mike (Maddog) Madison
07-13-1959  -  08-09-2015

Mike was born in Red Oak, Iowa and moved to California in 1960. After high school Mike work at Oric Orchards for many years before joining his dad as an equipment operator and ranch hand and was a resident of Dobbins for 27 years.

Mike enjoyed fishing, working with horses and socializing with friends and family. Mike joined the 5978 2002 and enjoyed being a Clamper.

Survived by his wife Laura and his daughter Heather, Mike will be missed but certainly not forgotten.

R.I.P Brother.
Tony "T1" Jacobs
09/8/1966 - 10/16/2016

Tony was born and raise in Yuiba City and work as a supervisor at PSI.Tony joined Frank C. Reilly 5978 in 1998. Tony was in the military in the 80's. Tony loved the Lakers, Raiders and playing pool.

Survived by his Widder Carrie and 4 children. Tony will be missed but not forgotten.

Tom "Fucking Tom" Shore
1975 - 2015